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McGraw-Hill Education

Maidenhead [United Kingdom]

Publishers and distributors of books for the professional, academic and schools markets. Subject range includes computing, business, management and economics, engineering, social sciences and sciences together with a wide range of electronic products.

Siri Scientific Press

Rochdale [United Kingdom]

Siri Scientific Press was set up by Dr David Penney for a book he had written on the palaeobiology of fossil spiders in amber. The book had been submitted to various publishers and was sent out to review by a major university press. Despite receiving excellent reviews recommending publication it was rejected because it would probably not make sufficient profit. Since publication the book has sold several hundred copies and received excellent reviews in professional and amateur newsletters and journals. It became apparent that there was an opportunity for mutually beneficial co-operation with other authors who would like to get their work published, but who would presumably be rejected by the larger publishers for the same reason I was. Hence, a monograph series was established, which aims to publish relatively short print runs (ca. 500 copies) of semi/specialized topics aimed at forming basic reference works for academics whilst also being accessible to the educated layperson. We also publish edited volumes, field guides, photographic atlases and more general works with relevance to the natural or physical sciences. All projects are produced by a highly experienced scientist who understands the nature and demands of academia. We take a personal, yet highly professional approach to all projects, which are always dealt with speedily and comprehensively. We can deal with all stages of production, but are equally happy to receive print ready files. We have a turn around time of as short as three months from submission to receipt of the final product. We do not use print on demand publishing. Our books are taken by many major academic and museum libraries worldwide. They are distributed via specialist natural history book dealers. We also export to major retailers overseas and operate in conjunction with specialist academic book distributors, including in the difficult-to-access markets of China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. All titles are available online. In addition, we regularly attend trade fairs and conferences in order to promote our titles. Review copies are provided to relevant academic and professional journals and newsletters, etc. and to date all our books have received excellent reviews. We are always happy to hear from potential new authors

Triarchy Press

Axminster [United Kingdom]

Triarchy Press aims to disseminate and publish information, and to foster knowledge-sharing, learning and debate in the following areas: Organization Studies Leadership Business Ethics Organizational Strategy Organizational Behaviour Human Resources Management Corporate Social Responsibility Broadly speaking, we are talking about how organizations work, how people work in organizations and how to make both work better. For now, we limit our use of the terms 'organizations' to human organizations and we apply the usual definition of a group of people who come together with the aim of achieving a common objective (although, as in the case of an organization as broad as a society, the coming together may be enforced and the objective implicit or even unacknowledged). At times we are also prepared to extend the definition of organization to include 'how things are organized', whether those things be the health service, the legal system, primary education or whatever. We are open to using all available media to do this, principally printed publications and seminars and their electronic equivalents.

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