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AMA DataSet Ltd

Preston, United Kingdom

AMA Dataset has a 160 yr history in the print industry. The business has evolved and stayed ahead of the curve by developing innovative solutions to support Publishers and organisations who produce digital and printed Directories, guides, catalogues, indexes and yearbooks. AMA AUTOSET gives book and directory publishers a rapid, efficient means of creating and editing pages for publication. With AMA's proprietary Content Management System (CMS)at its core, AUTOSET gives users a powerful and flexible editorial tool, enabling much faster typesetting of publications than is possible using traditional manual methods. AUTOSET offers very significant benefits to publishers, especially where a large amount of information needs to be gathered from many different sources, for example an annual directory. Automating the editing process speeds up your information gathering, reduces the cost and time for proofing and enables you to produce a more accurate and up to date printed publication. Fully customised web portals enable editors to create, amend, proof and sign off complete pages online, in real time, with no paperwork needed. Multiple remote users can edit their pages online - with access levels determined by you - while the editorial team can check progress and proof any entry in real time. A change log provides immediate notification when an entry is updated. Indexing is automatic, saving time and ensuring accuracy with no omissions. The system will layout pages automatically in the style you require, and can easily accommodate different formats for the same publication, for example, A4 or pocket sized, with minimal intervention from the editor. Section pages, images, fillers, table of contents and cross-index can be compiled all at the same time, saving time in production. And auto pagination means that you can calculate the precise length of the copy at any stage. AUTOSET can produce typically 250 pages per minute, allowing you to make amendments up to the last possible moment in the publishing process, with proofing and re-proofing at no extra cost. Once the publication is signed off, the system provides a finished press ready proof at the touch of a button. We custom build these interfaces for publishers around the world and specialise in multilingual data management including Right-to-left languages such as Arabic or Chinese, in addition to managing works with scientific or mathematical special characters.

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