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Nanmeebooks Co., Ltd.

Bangkok, Thailand

Nanmeebooks have published books for both children and adults in 3 main categories; fiction, non-fiction and professional trainings to teachers, librarians and parents.

Banlue Publications Co., Ltd.

Bangkok, Thailand

Established in 1990. Banlue Group consists of 3 interrelation companies: Banluesam, founded in 1955, Banlue Publications and Banlue Books. We are the leading publishing house of very well known and outstanding comics in Thailand.

Proglen Trading Co., Ltd.

Bangkok, Thailand

eBook publisher and online book retailer based in Bangkok, Thailand and specializing in English and European language fiction and non-fiction published in the Southeast Asian region. Proglen Trading was the earliest ecommerce company in Thailand and has been operating since 1995.

Passeducation Co., Ltd.

Bangkok, Thailand

Developing child's learning skill through the world of picture books and educational materials for children from newborn to twelve years old. Providing good childhood experiences as well as fondering improved relationships within the family.

Pass Education, Co., Ltd.

Bangkok, Thailand

Our products are grouped into three categories of learning books such as bookstart, exercise books and picture books; education media such as learning card, hand dolls and finger dolls; as well as decorative accessories for classrooms such as board decoration and boards for introducing new members.

Saengdao Publishing House Co., Ltd.

Bangkok, Thailand

Saengdao Publishing was established by Mr. Homtientong in 1987. It produces books of fiction, art and culture, history, autobiography, technical and healthy. Saengdo Publishing has two publishers of a group, first of all is Banlantum Publishing, Banlantum produces books of Dharma in Buddha religion. The second is Baby Gang Publishing, who produces children's books in fiction and non-fiction.

Plan for Kids Co., Ltd.

Bangkok, Thailand

Established in 1997. Creating books and media for child development: physical, emotion, creativity and imagination with the varieties of picture books, children's literature etc.

E.Q. Plus Group

Bangkok, Thailand

E.Q.Plus publishing is thai company that creates and issues several knowledge comic book for kids. Begin with Thai History subjects such as "The great kings of siam" series and "Ayutthaya Kingdom chronicle" that be satisfied from Thai young readers by easily .Today they are subject of science, moral and social studies for more and seeking for new subjects that suit for world market.

World Tipitaka Project

Bangkok, Thailand

Sacred text in Buddhist tradition, particularly the Pali Tipitaka and Tipitaka Studies Reference in Roman script.

Nation Egmont Edutainment Company Ltd.

Bangkok, Thailand

Egmont encompasses magazines, comics, books, film, TV-programmes, textbooks, games and electronic entertainment. Egmont has activities in 21 countries, and 3,600 dedicated employees reached revenues of EUR 1,173 million in 2005.

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