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Barcelona, Spain

Publisher of children's fiction and illustrated books.

Lumen Random House Mondadori

Barcelona, Spain

Contemporary and classic literature, novels, essays and poetry.

Grijalbo Random House Mondadori

Barcelona, Spain

Commercial fiction and non-fiction, self-help, illustrated books.


Barcelona, Spain

Publisher of Catalan and Spanish language dictionaries, Monolingual an bilingual. Lexicographic resources in several languages. Reference and non-fiction, children's books.

Viena Edicions

Barcelona, Spain

Viena Edicions, founded in 1991, is an independent publishing house. We publish mainly in Catalan (and occassionally also in Spanish) about different subjects: Art and photography books, non-fiction books, cook books, history books and guides.

Editorial Teide S.A.

Barcelona, Spain

Publishing house specialised in dictionaries, cartography, children's books, juvenile fiction, textbooks from preschool to young adults and didactic materials.

Editorial Reverté S.A.

Barcelona, Spain

Editorial cientifica y técnica. Publicación de libros de texto universitarios en el area cientifica y tecnica.

Publicacions de l'Abadia de Montserrat

Barcelona, Spain

Founded in 1498, nowadays we have more than three thousand titles published in Catalan. The main subjects we deal about are: history, fine arts, essay, religion, music, courses of Catalan language, children's books.

Editorial Cruïlla, S.A.

Barcelona, Spain

Publications génerales infantiles, juveniles, livres pour l'enseignement.

Editorial Crítica

Barcelona, Spain

Libros de ensayo: historia, filosofia, arqueología, ciencias sociales, divulgación científica.

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