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Tritó Edicions

Barcelona, Spain

Montena Random House Mondadori

Barcelona, Spain

Juvenile fiction.

Centre de Pastoral Liturgica

Barcelona, Spain

It is a eclesial public association approved by the archbishopric of Barcelona. It develops its service through teaching and of publications. Their periodic publications are the magazines Phase, Liturgia and Espiritualidad and Misa Dominical. In addition it publishes diverse collections of books and pamphlets to the service of the liturgy, of their pastoral and its experience.

Plaza & Janés Random House Mondadori

Barcelona, Spain

Publishers of an extensive range of works including commercial fiction, non-fiction.

Combel Editorial, S.A.

Barcelona, Spain

Combel Editorial publishes a wide range of high quality books for children from 0-12 years old: books for first readers, board books, activity books and fairy tales, using the best illustrators to complete our projects.

Ediciones Glénat España S.L.

Barcelona, Spain

Ediciones Glénat is the Spanish branch of Editions Glénat and publishes most of the leading European and Japanese comics in Spanish and Catalan owning the licenses to critically acclaimed authors.

Libros del Zorro Rojo

Barcelona, Spain

Independent publishing house specialized in children and young adults books. Mainly working in two collections, one of picture books for children and the other focused on classics with high quality illustrations for young readers.

Editorial Barcanova, S.A.

Barcelona, Spain

Publicaciones en Catalán: Libros de texto para todos los niveles educativos, diccionarios, atlas, literatura infantil y juvenil, narrativa.

Mondadori Random House Mondadori

Barcelona, Spain

Contemporary and classic literary fiction.

Random House Mondadori

Barcelona, Spain

Random House Mondadori has established in 2001. Random House Mondadori is a joint-venture between Random House and Mondadori for Spanish trade publishing with the following imprints: Mondadori, Debate, Lumen, Caballo de Troya, Plaza & Janes, Grijalbo, Rosa dels Vents,Debolsillo, Montena, Beascoa, Electa.

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