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New York [United States]

D.A.P. is the premier distributor of books on contemporary art, photography, architecture, and design. We have over 3000 titles in our active backlist, and represent respected publishers like the Museum of Modern Art, Aperture, Steidl, and many others. More

Lex Jet Corp

Distributors of ink-jet and large format printing systems, and digital photography equipment. More

Raincoast Books

Vancouver [Canada]

Raincoast is a book distributor with a dynamic and diverse list of titles in a variety of categories, including art, design, food and drink, photography, pop culture, psychology, travel, self-help, spirituality, sports and children's books. More

Logic Arts Corporation: Ideabook

Find tutorials on design, page layout, the use of color, illustration, photography, typography, print and web design, and the business of design. More

University of New Mexico Press

Publishes books on the history and culture of New Mexico and the Southwest, anthropology, Latin America, photography, art, Chicano studies, and literature. More

Fratelli Alinari S.P.A.

Firenze [Italy]

The Alinari Photographic Archives is composed by more than 3.500.000 images. From this precious patrimony born the activity of the publishing house. Professional color picture libraries of art, photography, film, design & travel for reproduction. More

News Link, Inc,

Offers newsletter production services, including research, news gathering, writing, photography, layout and design, printing, circulation and administration. More

How To Promote Concerts and Festivals

Qualified freelance indexer of books and journals, member Society of Indexers, specialising in history, art and art history, literature in English, photography, food and drink. More


Sells online digital map data. Users can search, browse, zoom, purchase, buy, print, download, and import maps, aerial photography, dem and satellite imagery interactively over the internet. Data is provided from leading map and image publishers. More

Octavo Digital Imaging

Octavo publishes and preserves rare books and manuscripts on CD-ROM using advanced digital photography. More

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