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Founded in 1975 in the city of Rio de Janeiro, the Pallas Editora devotes much of his catalog to Afro-descendant issues. Interested in understanding and appreciation of our cultural roots and aware of the still precarious registration of Africans in the diaspora knowledge and its importance as one of the founding mothers of our nationality, our publishing house seeks to recover and register religious, linguistic and philosophical traditions of the various peoples African continuously brought to Brazil during the slave regime. We follow also the contemporary african-Brazilian manifestations, valuing them as key expressions of Brazilianness. The catalog spectrum is broad: the religion - with the written record of African oral traditions in our country - to literature, through anthropology, sociology, by reference books, cinema, philosophy and more.

The publisher has also been consolidating its catalog of children's and youth literature, with titles in which African and african-Brazilian stories are told and in which black characters take the place of the protagonists, which is urgently needed in a mixed country like ours. The catalog also includes titles on tarot, yoga, natural health care, Gypsy culture, and devotions and protective practices acknowledged by conventional wisdom. It is important to our care to present to the readers quality books, with modern and well-finished projects, a result of the pleasure we have in making them.


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Mailing Address:

Rua Frederico de Albuquerque 56
21050-840 Rio de Janeiro, RJ
Rio de Janeiro
Telephone: +55 21 22700186
Fax: +55 21 22700186

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