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Foreign Media Group USA

Yardville, United States

Foreign Media Group is an international publishing group for books and media products. The publishing strategy is targeted at all possible combinations of them: books, audio books, magazines, music, CD's, documentaries, games and CD-ROMs. More

The Wittmann Agency


The international rights agency The Wittmann Agency provides publishers, authors, freelance readers and editors with comprehensive consultancy and services on publishing rights and licenses. The agency specialises in companion books, guides and works of popular reference and has excellent contacts worldwide to publishing houses, book clubs and agencies focussing on cooking, creativity, hobbies... More

Penrose Publishing

Felixstowe, United Kingdom

Penrose Publishing aim to give authors more support and more say than they would normally have with agents and major publishing houses. More


Zürich, Switzerland

Fotobuch, Foto-Biographie mit DVD-Beilage, Audio-Book. More

Coronation Audio

Coronation Audio is an audio book company specializing in fully dramatized audio books which include music and effects, concerning the classics. The audio books are available in a MP3 or CD format. Regal entertainment at a splendid price. More

Leopard Spot Press, Inc.

Phoenix, United States

Leopard Spot Press is an independent publishing company and an author’s resource to assist self-publishing authors create, publish and launch their books, E-books and audio books. More

YDS Publishing

Istanbul, Turkey

YDS Publishing was founded in the year 2005 to produce up-to-date, authentic and error-free publications for foreign language teaching/learning and more particularly for English to become a language used by every individual in Turkey. One of the most important factors that affects the learning process during language teaching is the teacher, and the other one is the materials. Closely... More

Seereer Heritage Press

London, United Kingdom

Seereer Heritage Press is the imprint and publishing house of the Seereer Resource Centre (SRC). It is an important part of the SRC's overall model, and helps it in its mission to preserve and promote Seereer heritage by publishing and distributing works relating to Seereer cultural identity. Our primary activities are the publication and distribution of print books, e-Books and audio books... More

Amsterdam Publishers

Oegstgeest, Netherlands

Amsterdam Publishers is an international publisher, specialized in publishing and marketing ebooks and PODs on Amazon. We either publish your book as part of our imprint, or help you publish your own book. Depending on your needs you simply outsource elements of your book's production. We have a full menu of professional services for editing (English, Dutch, French and Norwegian),... More

Imagine We Rwanda


Imagine We is an organization aimed at promoting the reading and creative writing culture in Rwanda. Imagine We in its mission expanded to have Imagine We Publishers. The publishing industry in Rwanda is still in the pioneering stages due to the tradition of oral storytelling as the main medium of communication. Imagine We combines publishing Rwandan stories with its work of donating books to... More

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