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There are a total of 97 publishing companies in our database that publish in the Dutch language. These publishing firms publish a range of materials including Dutch books, Dutch e-books, Dutch magazines, Dutch newspapers...
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TSO (The Stationery Office) Publications Centre

London [United Kingdom]


Ambo Anthos Uitgevers

Amsterdam [Netherlands]

Publishers of literary fiction and non-fiction, biography, history, modern and classical literature, philosophy, psychology, social sciences and literary thrillers. More

J.H. Gottmer

Haarlem [Netherlands]

Travel guides, children's books, literature for young people, books on music, gardening, religion and philosophy. More

Architectura & Natura

Amsterdam [Netherlands]

Publishers of books on architecture and landscape architecture. Imprint the Goose Press. More

IQ-Spiele GmbH

Icking [Germany]

IQ-Spiele sind Lernspiele mit neurologischem Konzept. Alle Spiele basieren auf jahrelanger praktischer Erfahrung im therapeutischen Umgang mit Kindern und Erwachsenen und sind nach neuesten Erkenntnissen aus der Gehirnforschung, der Entwicklungspsychologie und der Pädagogik entwickelt worden. Sie sind von Experten für den Einsatz in der Sprach- und Lerntherapie, in Schule und Kindergarten und... More

Podium bv

Amsterdam [Netherlands]

Independent publishing house for Dutch and foreign fiction and non-fiction. More

Franco Cosimo Panini Editore S.p.A.

New York [United States]

Cosimo is a specialty publisher for independent authors, not-for-profit organizations and innovative businesses, dedicated to publishing books that inspire, inform and engage readers around the world. Cosimo was inspired by Cosimo de Medici, the first of the de Medici dynasty, who ignited the Renaissance, one of the most important cultural and artistic revolutions in Western history. This... More

Mediterraneo Editions

Rethymnon [Greece]

Mediterranean Editions is a relatively new publishing house which specialises in the field of travel publications. Books, maps, guides and albums on subjects which give emphasis to the promotion of the Greek natural environment and culture are aimed not only at visitors to our country but also at every restless traveller. Analytical maps and diagrams, a wealth of photographic material. More

Dutch Publishers Association

Amsterdam [Netherlands]

Joint exhibit of publishers from Netherlands: Eric Carle Agency, Clavis Uitgeverij, Uitgeverij De Fontein, Foundation for Production and Translation, Gottmer Publishing Group, The House of Books, Uitgeverij Kluitman, Uitgeverij Leopold/Ploegsma, Querido, Uitgeverij Rubinstein, Uitgeverij Unieboek/Van Goor/Van Holkema & Warendorf, De Vier Windstreken. More

Uitgeverij Boom b.v.

Amsterdam [Netherlands]

Publisher of philosophy, political science, behavioural sciences, sociology, psychiatry, history, psychology (complete Freund-Edition), education, a Dutch linguistic method, environment. More

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