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Datamatics Global Services Ltd

Mumbai [India]

Datamatics is a global provider of intelligent, value-driven technology and business solutions. Datamatics OPMS (Online Publishing and Media Solutions) division provides end-to-end solutions for creating books and magazines, Typesetting, Graphic Design, illustrations, SEO content, Cataloguing solutions, Automations solutions for publishers (including DAM, Workflow management and Archival & Retrieval systems). Our customers figure among the top publishers, online retailers and leading organisations in the world. OPMS employs over 550 people across various skill sets and is growing fast to cater to increasing needs of Global Media and Online players.

Suntec Web Services Pvt. Ltd

New Delhi [India]

Suntec has extensive experience in providing digitization conversion and eBook conversion solutions. At Suntec, we have the resources, technology and experience in digital conversion of large volumes of content: newspapers, books, journals, articles etc. from both print and electronic image formats.

DiTech Process Solutions

Mumbai [India]

Pre-press and typesetting house. Specializes in typesetting and electronic publishing of scientific, technical and medical books and journals, Indexing, XML/SGML/HTML conversion, e-books, graphic designing

Equire Technolagies

Sithanandha Nagar [India]

equire Technologies works with publishers from around the globe and provides them quality pre-press solutions for page composition, layout, and typesetting. The range of services also includes e-publishing, data conversion, and music engraving. We currently customize our services for more than 30 major publishers from North America, Australia, and Europe. Different time zones, cultures, or ultra-specific client requirements are not a problem to us.

Paragon Prepress, Inc.

New Delhi [India]

Paragon Prepress, Inc. is a one-stop provider of international standard, highly skilled pre-production services for the print medium at competitive costs to Clients worldwide. Paragon specializes in design, book typesetting, indexing, and on-line proofreading and editing, in English. Our professional infrastructure is designed to meet the total pre-publication needs of our Clients: the best equipment (both Mac and PC platforms), full-time staff and a non-compromising work ethic. Our agency undertakes work in a responsible and quality-conscious manner, with strict adherence to deadlines.

Planman Technologies

New Delhi [India]

Planman Technologies offers outsourced solutions based on technologies & technology enabled services.

Gantec Publishing Solutions

Chennai [India]

EBooks conversion and all types of digital conversions

Manipal Press Ltd.

Manipal [India]

India's leading print providers with an end to end solution for any print requirement, from designing publishing solutions and typesetting to printing and logistics. The outcome has always been customer delight.

Cenza technologies

Chennai [India]

Cenza provides e-Publishing,Indexing,Typesetting, XML/SGML/Data conversion services worldwide. We typeset/convert Books, Journals, Illustrated Books, Reference Books and Dictionaries. Our services are competitively priced and we can turn work around at an alarmingly fast speed when required. We digitize historical, legacy, back data, books, documents from any kind of input and creation of web-database products that offer easy search ability and retrieval.

Mukesh Technologies

Pondicherry [India]

7 years in book work,journals input, typesetting and conversion.All levels of copyediting projects we execute and edit, Specialize in K-12 school books, Higher school books, college books and projects mathematical and human science

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