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Malliaris-Paedia SA

Thessaloniki, Greece

Malliaris Paedia SA was founded in 1960. During its course in the publishing area, the company circulated more than 1.800 titles, some top-ranking multivolumed projects among them, like the encyclopedia “Paedia” in twenty volumes, the “Greece, History and Civilization” project in ten volumes, “The Greeks of Pontos region encyclopedia” in twelve volumes, the “History of Macedonia” by N.G.L. Hammond, in three volumes, dictionaries, children’s books, literature books, architecture books, cookbooks, historical books and many titles of other categories, that turned out to be very successful.

Embryo Publications

Egaleo, Greece

Agricultural Science, Food Science, Forestry, Biology, Botany, University textbooks

Papazisis Publishers

Athens, Greece

Papazisis Publishers is a leading publishing house of scientific books, periodicals and serials. For over 80 years, Papazisis Publishers while being one of the largest and oldest publishing companies in Greece, has maintained a tradition of excellence in publications -both traditionally and online- coming from established core disciplines such as economics, administration, political science, history, sociology, and psychology as well as from recently established disciplines ranging from several areas of research.

Psichogios Publications

Athens, Greece

PSICHOGIOS Publications is the leading company in book publishing sector in Greece. We are a wide selection publishing house and nowadays our catalogue includes more than 3,000 titles of various categories that are addressed to readers of any age. In addition, we have been a pioneer in the publication of e-books, with a catalogue of over 1,300 books available in epub format, while we were the first publisher in Greece to release enhanced and interactive children's books on iTunes.

Agyra Publishing House D. A. Papadimitriou S. A.

Athens, Greece

Children's Books, Literature, Non-fiction, Educational, Fiction, Picture Books

Greece Griechenland

Athens, Greece

The presentation, marketing and promotion of the book in every possible way, in order for the public to get in touch with it and help in, as much as possible, the cultural development of the country are some of the main goals of the HFPB.

Modern Times S.A.

Athens, Greece

Modern Times has a successful publishing presence since 1997 with a special interest in childrens and adult fiction and non-fiction, international and Greek contemporary literature, historical novels, educational, art and medical reference books, innovative albums, high quality illustrated cookbooks, comics and magazines.

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