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PressMatrix GmbH

Berlin [Germany]

PressMatrix is Germany's market leader as digital publishing solution provider. From our Berlin headquarters we develop and run a innovative platform that enables publishers, agencies and companies to tap into new markets within the mobile consumer base. Within minutes, existing magazines, brochures, catalogs and other printed publications can be converted into interactive apps for tablets, smartphones and the web, and further enriched with additional media content, such as videos, games and slideshows, that take full advantage of the medium. Our automated SaaS technology gives publishers the ability to adapt to increasing content digitization and the changing needs of their readers. More than three hundred trade and consumer publishers, agencies, corporate publishers and companies already rely on our services and expertise.

InBetween Deutschland GmbH

Stuttgart [Germany]

InBetween steht seit über 15 Jahren als Synonym für hochperfomantes Dynamic- und Database-Publishing. Die Standard-Software InBetween erstellt regelbasiert, automatisiert und formatunabhängig Kataloge, Broschüren, Datenblätter, Preislisten und andere Medien. Mit InBetween erstellen Sie Ihre Publikationen für Marketing, Vertrieb und technische Dokumentation unternehmensweit künftig ressourcenschonender, schneller und effektiver.

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